Hydraulic system monitoring

Laboratory analysis of lubricants and process fluids

Design and modernization of industrial hydraulic systems

Repair of hydraulic equipment

Design and modernization of industrial hydraulic systems

The Invent Group Design Bureau carries out the development of new and modernization of existing hydraulic systems for industrial use and standard filtration systems using the following basic rules:

  • simplicity
  • minimum required level of automation
  • high quality components

When designing and modernizing, the Invent Group design bureau focuses on the careful study of hydraulic circuits, the use of high-quality components (only hydraulic equipment of proven foreign suppliers), and the use of modern control systems. This allows you to solve problems of various difficulty levels.

The main elements used are equipment from leading manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth and Pall. Qualified engineers and designers and close cooperation with the design departments of our partners from Bosch Rexroth and Pall allow us to develop hydraulic systems of any complexity, taking into account the characteristics of each specific production. Due to this, the hydraulic systems developed by Invent Group are functional and reliable, which allows them to continue to operate the equipment for a long time with minimal maintenance costs.