Active protection of Shell brand

Shell sets new standards to protect customers from non-original engine oils. Every day, modern lubricants market offers car owners more and more options of popular brands motor oils.

The price range varies significantly, so the buyer, struggling to save money, frequently falls into a trap of fraudsters and unknowingly buys non-original products.

The key risk is that the use of low-quality lubricants causes irreparable damage to a car.

Addressing this difficult situation, Shell has developed a special technology for protecting authenticity, which is primarily aimed at protecting ultimate consumer.

Shell Helix Ultra engine oil protection technology is a reliable measure of protection against counterfeiting, implemented in the form of a sticker containing a unique numeric code. The sticker is placed under the handle at the top of a container and designed in a way that allows attracting the buyer's attention immediately.

What is printed on the sticker?

The left side of the protective sticker has a special holographic label with shells indicating the Shell brand. After removing its top layer, you will see a numeric code.

*Each Shell Helix Ultra oil container has own unique code consisting of 8 numbers .

Right behind the holographic label, you can see a QR code. To scan the code, you need to use either the built-in scanner on your smartphone or download the app.

After scanning, you are directed to the page for checking the authenticity of Shell Helix oil. There, you can see detailed descriptions of steps that need to be performed to check the container.

The QR code is followed by the URL ( to verify the authenticity. If you do not have a scanner app or cannot download it, you can enter the code manually in a browser's address bar.

Once you are on the verification page, you only need to take a few actions. Namely, slide to the right to confirm that you are not a robot and enter a unique numeric code from the sticker in the entry field. That is it! Click Check the code and see the result. These simple steps will help you make sure that the purchased Shell Helix Ultra engine oil is an original product. If, after checking the oil, you concluded that you have a counterfeit, according to Ukrainian laws, you have the right to demand a refund or replacement for a appropriate quality product. General rules. What should be considered when buying an engine oil? Price. A price with an attractive 10-20% discount is indicative of a fake. But many fraudsters, in order to avoid buyers’ suspicion, only sell counterfeits a couple of percents cheaper than the original oil, so you should also pay attention to other factors. Place of purchase. When choosing a place to buy motor oil, do not neglect checking the list of distributors on the manufacturer's website. For example, see for a special map. There you can choose store and oil type and get a list of all official salespoints with the products you need. Packaging. Packaging is one of the main keys for fighting against counterfeits. Manufacturers create special labels, lids with complex seals, and often change the design. It is clear that with all the variety of motor oils, it is impossible to remember how a particular container looks like. Therefore, we focus on the main packaging parameters that help distinguish the original. Container. The original oil container is made of high-quality plastic that shimmers in the light like metallic paint. Its surface is smooth without any imperfections or casting defects. Label. The label is one of the most complicated elements of packaging, which serves for both information and protection. It should not cause any suspicions visually. Original oil manufacturers only use labels with high-quality printing. The label is placed evenly on the original container and does not have bubbles. A counterfeit stands out by a label with a bad seal, uneven fonts; colors and images look dim and blurry, and there are no gradients or color transitions. Finally, it should be emphasized once again that you should go shopping to the stores of official distributors that work directly with manufacturers to get an original Shell Helix Ultra motor oil. But if you still have doubts about the quality, be sure to use the ShellCheck verification system!